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Established in August 2017 by Dr. Nur Topcu.

Our team consists of an aesthetician – ozone therapy nurse, a dietitian, and a doctor.

Our mission is to provide the best services in GETAT, medical aesthetics, and functional medicine within the framework of medical ethics to everyone who chooses Dr. Nur Topcu Health, Beauty, and Functional Medicine Clinic.

Our vision is to respond to the complaints and requests of our clients in the best possible way, adopting a holistic approach, and supporting them in attaining a healthier and more beautiful life.


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Ozone Therapy

Ozone is a chemical compound consisting of three oxygen atoms (O3). It has a much higher energy structure compared to atmospheric oxygen (O2). Depending on the need, it is recommended to have 10-15 sessions, twice a week for individuals without any illness. It has no side effects. Ozone therapy, which is also used for anti-aging purposes, is a completely safe and effective complementary medical method when applied according to the rules and has been proven effective in more than 100 diseases. It is applied in addition to other treatments for the treatment of diseases and falls into the category of complementary therapies.

Ozone therapy is the application of ozone-oxygen mixture in specific proportions to circulation or body cavities. Ozone therapy, which boosts the body’s resistance, is used in the treatment of diseases by stimulating the immune system. It is widely used for its anti-aging and detoxifying effects in the treatment of smoking addiction, weight loss, and cellulite. It is frequently applied in the disinfection and treatment of skin diseases and wounds, dental caries and oral infections, hepatitis, cold sores, and inflammatory diseases. It has a wide range of effects, including diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and liver diseases. It can be applied through various methods such as ozone-infused olive oil that can be directly applied to the skin, drinkable ozonated water, muscle-vein injections, and ozone sauna.

I continue to use ozone sauna, it has a weakening effect and I wake up more vigorously in the morning. My tired feeling stopped. My face is brighter, I am very satisfied, I tried skin care, the feeling of freshness was very good, I recommend it.

    Meryem Işıklılar


    You have a great team… Thank you very much Nur teacher for giving me my health back.



      I entrusted my skin to Ms. Nur and got very satisfactory results. I would definitely recommend it for Botox and PRP. You will see the difference. After Ozone Sauna, I feel more vigorous in the mornings, as if the crust on me has been thrown away, thank you very much. The price benefit balance is very reasonable.

        Ezgi Demirci



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        A Short Break for a Purified and Vigorous Life

        Our aim is not only to detoxify, but also to inform them about their personal health profiles and to take them home with them with a holistic approach, taking into account the possible risks.